National Occupation Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe best practices by bringing together performance criteria, knowledge and skills pertaining to a job role. A set of NOSs related to a specific job role is called Qualification Pack (QP).

  • Qualification Pack for every Job Role is pegged at a NSQF Level
  • As on date across 25 Sectors, standards for 1077 Job Roles pegged at NSQF levels 1 to 8 have been defined by the Sector Skill Councils. In FY 14-15 alone, 335 QPs and 3436 unique NOSs have been developed. The level-wise breakup of the overall progress till date is as follows:
Level 1 11
Level 2 68
Level 3 177
Level 4 439
Level 5 203
Level 6 89
Level 7 83
Level 8 7
TOTAL 1077

Summary & List of QP-NOS

Name of Sector Certificate of Industry Validations
Agriculture Certificate
Automotive Certificate
Construction Certificate
Capital Goods Certificate
Gems & Jewellery Certificate
Healthcare Certificate
IT-ITeS Certificate
Leather Certificate
Plumbing Certificate
Retail Certificate
Rubber Certificate
Security Certificate
Telecom Certificate

As on date, 14 SSCs have covered development of 80% of entry level workforce QPs.
28 SSC are expected to cover 1400 such QPs containing 6000+ NOSs by 31st March 2015.

Alignment of Courses and Curriculum to NSQF

National Occupational Standards set by the Sector Skill Councils are finding acceptance in the skilling ecosystem throughout the country. In order to ensure that jobs are sustainable and have feasible career program, various Central Government Schemes and State Skilling Missions are aligning their courses and curriculum to the standards set by the industry through Sector Skill Councils.

  • Aligning the curricula of skilling programs with NSQF Compliance ensures that the trainees are being taught and assessed on what they are expected to learn and know by the respective industry.
  • NSDC has mandated all its partners to run NSQF Compliant courses aligned to the National Occupational Standards set by SSCs. As on date, 1017 courses of NSDC Partners have been aligned to National Occupational Standards and NSQF.
  • NSDC has extended support to various Central Ministries & State Skilling Missions in aligning their curricula with National Occupational Standards. NSDC is also working to align MES/CTS courses to National Occupational Standards and make it NSQF compliant.