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IndiaÔÇÖs excellence in different artistic and culinary skill sets is described in our ancient and contemporary literature and it will not be an exaggeration to say that it is still ingrained in the soil of remotest part of the country. Further, after globalization India has also developed its niche particularly in IT related skill sets like web designing, graphic design technology, IT software solutions for business, mobile robotics etc. To make India the ÔÇ£Skill CapitalÔÇØ of the world, it is essentially required to showcase the countryÔÇÖs excellence in different skill sets across the globe. To penetrate these competitions to the remotest part of the country and to encourage Indian youth to participate in these competitions and get selected to participate in WorldSkills and other International competitions, the IndiaSkills competitions have been organized at State and Regional levels for the first time which lead up to IndiaSkills Nationals 2018.

Aims and objectives:

  • To create a transparent and organized system for preparing IndiaÔÇÖs talented youth for World Skills Competitions;
  • Access of knowledge and awareness for India Skills and World Skills competitions to the remotest part of the country;
  • To revive IndiaÔÇÖs local/ domestic skill sets like pottery, chikankari, embroidery, painting and many others;
  • To encourage Indian youth for harnessing their skills;
  • To make skill aspirational and rewarding which can create a sense of proud and achievement in Indian youth;
  • To decentralize the process of skill development by involving States in the process;
  • To provide financial support to the States on the basis of Scheme/ project implementation plans;
  • To create adequate infrastructure and capacity for organizing such competitions;
  • To showcase IndiaÔÇÖs skill sets to the world in a more systematic and organized manner.

Selection Process:

The potential competitors needs to register through an online portal ( state or national) to participate in Indiaskills Competitions. The selection will be conducted by state government, sector skill councils in partnership with academic & industry partners at district, zone, state level. The selected state champions will be competing in regional competitions which will be organized by Indiaskills in partnership with sector skill councils, corporate and academic partners. The regional competition winners will be showcasing their skills at Indiaskills National competitions.

IndiaSkills-2023 registration user manual:

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