Last Updated : 28-12-2023

Advanced Vocational Training Scheme (AVTS)

In order to upgrade and update the skills of serving industrial workers, the AVTS is in operation since 1977. The scheme was launched by erstwhile DGE&T, Ministry of Labour and (now Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship) in collaboration with UNDP/ILO in 1977 at the then 6 Advanced Training Institutes (ATIs) under DGE&T and 16 ITIs of the 15 State Governments. Under the scheme, training in selected skill areas is being imparted through short-term modular courses of one to six weeksÔÇÖ duration. Tailor-made courses suiting to the specific requirements of industrial establishments are also offered. Over 3.5 lakh industrial workers / technicians have made use of the training facilities at the NSTIs (erstwhile ATIs) since Sept, 2007. With financial assistance from World Bank, training facilities in additional areas were created at ATIs and the existing training facilities were also strengthened.

Following NSTIs currently engaged to run AVTS:

  • National Skill Training Institute, Mumbai
  • National Skill Training Institute For Women, Trivandrum
  • National Skill Training Institute-Women, Hyderabad
  • National Skill Training Institute-Women, Vadodara
  • National Skill Training Institute, Calicut
  • National Skill Training Institute, Ramanthapur Hyderabad
  • National Skill Training Institute, Bengaluru